A yacht charter is the rental of a yacht for a specific period, during which the charter can sail to various destinations. It is an amazing experience to explore destinations like the Caribbean or the Mediterranean. You can feel the sun on your face and the breeze in your hair as you sail across the clear blue waters. On board a yacht, you have the freedom to visit beautiful beaches, hidden coves, and vibrant ports.

A bareboat charter is a type of yacht charter where you rent a boat without a crew. In a bareboat charter, you are responsible for navigating the vessel, as well as provisioning, cooking, and cleaning during the trip. This type of charter offers a high level of freedom and flexibility, allowing you to explore at your own pace and on your own terms.

A crewed charter is a type of yacht charter where the yacht is rented with a professional crew. The crew typically includes a captain, who is responsible for navigating the vessel, and additional crew members such as a chef, stewardess, and deckhands, depending on the size and luxury level of the yacht. Crewed charters are popular among those who have no sailing experience oor prefer a more luxurious and hassle-free yachting experience.

Yachts available for charter range from small sailing yachts to large luxury motor yachts, catamarans, and even superyachts. Different types of yachts also offer different onboard amenities, including TVs, kitchens or water toys like jet skis.

The cost of chartering varies widely depending on the yacht and destination. Your chosen yacht model,  its age, the time of year, and amenities can all affect charter rates. It may be surprising but some yacht charters can be pretty affordable when you split it between a certain number of guests. Generally on average, charter prices can range from a few thousand dollars per week to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a week on a luxury superyacht.

The requirements for chartering a yacht vary by location. In some places, you may need a valid sailing license or certification, while in others, you may also require charter experience for a bareboat charter.

Yes, many charter companies offer yachts with professional skippers who can handle the navigation, allowing you to relax and enjoy the experience without any sailing experience required.

Rarely. Most yacht charter operators do not offer boat rental for periods shorter than 5 or 7 days. Most operators rent boats from Saturday or Sunday. 

Yes, absolutely. Most yacht charter operators offer the option to place a protective net around the yacht preventing children from falling overboard. Ask us for destinations that are more children-friendly.

The yacht charter prices displayed are nett for the yachts. Additional options (skipper, kayak, etc..) as well as gas and fuel will be displayed as additional charges. Finally, some countries may charge a tourist tax and marina fees (at the exception of starting and returning marinas) which will be at your own expense.

Advance provisioning is a service offered by some yacht charter companies that allows you to request and provision the yacht with supplies, such as food, beverages, and other essentials, before your arrival. This service can include stocking the yacht with your preferred items, organizing special requests, and ensuring that everything is ready for your charter. Advance provisioning can streamline your charter experience and ensure that you have everything you need for your trip.

Yes, in most countries, tipping is expected if the service provided by the captain and crew members is good. This is: typically around 10-20% of the charter fee, depending on the level of service.

The areas you can sail to during a yacht charter may be restricted by local regulations, the size of the yacht, and the qualifications of the skipper. It's important to check with your charter company for any specific restrictions that may apply.

It is recommended to book your yacht charter as far in advance as possible, especially during peak seasons, to ensure availability and to secure the best rates. Many sailors plan their yacht charter way ahead of time, like 2 to 3 years in advance to secure good deals. 

There’s a whole world out there with awesome places to see from the deck of a yacht. Some of the most popular destinations for yacht charters include Croatia, Greece, and the Seychelles. On top of that, there are many other beautiful cruising grounds around the world to explore like Phuket and Koh Chang in Thailand or Tahiti and Fiji islands in the South Pacific

Yes, there can be restrictions on where you can sail during a yacht charter, depending on various factors such as the charter company's policies, area limits, permit restrictions, and local regulations. It's important to review your charter agreement and consult with the charter company to understand any restrictions that may apply to your charter.

You can request a quote for your desired yacht charter, and we will provide a price quote tailored to your needs. If everything is confirmed, we will send a charter agreement to help you secure the booking at that price. All bookings are required to make a 50% deposit of the total charter fee. Payment can be made via bank transfer, debit card, or credit card.

Our yacht charter prices are exactly the same as yacht operators, so going directly to them may not result in a lower price. As brokers typically earn a commission from the yacht owner or operator, we can often negotiate better deals and provide additional services as we have their direct contact.

Once payments are made, they are not refundable. We strongly recommend you subscribe to a yacht charter cancellation insurance that will cover you for this type of concern. Ask us to get recommendations on insurance.

All yacht charter operators will ask you for a deposit (the amount varies depending on the yacht charter type). Cost of repairs will be deduced from the deposit, you will not be charged for any cost above the deposit amount. For a worry-free yacht charter vacation, we strongly recommend to subscribe to a deposit waiver insurance. Ask us, we can assist you with this.