Yacht Charter


A sailboat is a monohull vessel that cuts effortlessly through the water and is perfect for going upwind. In the Mediterranean Sea, sailing yachts are ideal as they do not take much space in the marinas; Purist sailors prefer sailboats.

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Yacht charter a sailboat


Catamarans are the most popular boats for rental all over the world it is larger than a sailing yacht. The vessel is very comfortable and stable on choppy waters, making them ideal for families with children or large groups of friends.

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Yacht charter a catamaran

Motor Boat

Motor boats are typically much faster than sailing yachts, even in extremely windy conditions. They are excellent for exploring the coastline, lakes, rivers, and shallow waters. The larger motorboats are better suited to navigate rough seas.

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Yacht charter a motor boat

Motor Yacht

A motor yacht looks like a motor yacht but has more powerful engines.The size of the vessel is what distinguishes a boat from a yacht. If getting to places faster and more comfortably is your priority, a motor yacht is what you should charter.

Yacht charter a motor yacht


A gulet is a traditional boat used for seafaring all over the world. However, this classical-looking wooden sailing yacht has recently been popular among private charters.A gulet is the boat you should charter if you want a stylish, fancy, and filmy-style sailing experience. 

Yacht charter a gulet

Power Catamaran

Power catamarans are a luxury yacht option for a pleasurable cruising experience. They are also known as Power Cats. They are a rather new addition to the sailing world. Anticipate the luxury of a catamaran yet with the speed of a motor yacht when cruising on this type of yacht.
Yacht charter a power catamaran


The outlook of a trimaran is similar to that of a catamaran, however, a trimaran is much more stable and is faster. It can remain afloat even in the worst storms. Large groups of friends or families with young children will find this type of yacht suitable as they are spacious and stable.
Yacht charter a Trimaran


A motorsailer can be considered the best of both worlds. It is a motor-powered sailing yacht. Such yachts usually prioritize the capacity to travel great distances and comfort at sea. The boat often maintains a fair speed, even though there may be little or no wind.
Yacht charter a Motorsailer